The vitamins, trace minerals and nutritive feed additives we blend eventually end up in livestock, poultry and pet foods in amounts as small as just a few grams in 2,000 pounds of complete feed. Even though they are in small amounts, they are nutritionally vital for the animals consuming them. For this reason, blending at Nutra Blend is held to a much higher standard than many other blending companies. Our blending equipment and practices ensure the even distribution of the important nutrient within the mix down to parts per million. 

NBi was initially designed with the ability of NBi to accurately track and trace finished goods but has also evolved into so much more. Together this improves quality procedures and help error-proof the processes before products are shipped.

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The agricultural industry is innovative and technologically progressive. It is the agriculture industry's job to feed a growing world, while at the same time using fewer resources in that endeavor. Hundreds of companies conduct exhaustive amounts of research to develop nutritional ingredients that will help animals grow safely, efficiently and allow animal protein to be viably sustainable. 

Our customers want and need these ingredients. It is our job to have them readily available at an economical price. Therefore, we stock millions of pounds of inventory and thousands of SKUs in our system comprising nearly every major (and most minor) feed ingredients used in feed production. We like to say, “If it an ingredient that is used in livestock, poultry or pet foods, we probably have it. If not, we can get it.