It is astonishing and saddening to know that 1 out of every 6 kids in the U.S. are food insecure. This means that aside from school, they do not know where or even if they will get their next meal. Weekend, holidays and summer break means worry, uncertainty and hunger to millions of kids across the U.S., from urban communities to the back roads of rural America.  

To help combat this issue, independent groups across the country have put together “backpack” programs where meals are put together, put in a backpack and handed to those kids most in need as they leave school every Friday.

This is not a nationally-funded program and typically consists of church groups, community groups or just a group of volunteers that share the same passion for helping kids. The funding for these programs must come from donations and unfortunately many are underfunded.  

When Nutra Blend discovered this incredible need, they knew they had to do something about it. An initiative called Drive to Feed Kids was created. Its purpose is to raise funds for backpack programs across the nation. Nutra Blend works with customers to help financially support backpack programs through organizing fund raisers. The proceeds go to buying food for the backpacks that feed hungry kids living the community where the customers live and work.  

Nutra Blend also contributes directly to these funds through a points program. This program gives back a portion of every dollar participating customers spend through buying ingredients and premixes from Nutra Blend. 

In the first three years, the program has helped to raise enough money for more than 20 MILLION MEALS!!!

Customer Testimonies

Hear the incredible testimonies from Nutra Blend's customers who are devoted to helping feed hungry children in their communities.



Drive to Feed Kids events not only help feed hungry kids in local communities, but also unites the community around a common cause with our Nutra Blend customers leading the way. 

The Drive to Feed Kids program offers its participants the opportunity to engage with their own communities to end child hunger in their local area. Drive to Feed Kids assists customers with hosting fundraising events through an array of services - promotional and marketing material, step-by-step planning, auction item donations, and funding.

To learn more about Drive to Feed Kids events, contact your Nutra Blend sales representative.


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