The mission of Drive the Message is to dispel the myths and misconceptions that often surround modern agriculture due to bias and misunderstanding that is found in today's media. Drive the Message supports an organization dedicated to this very cause. That nonprofit organization is Farming to Fight Hunger. 

Farming to Fight Hunger is a nonprofit organization helping to create a positive perception of agriculture to the American public through media, while raising awareness of domestic and global hunger. A series of heartwarming media have been released, creating an awareness of the issue of hunger and the importance of continuing to make the safe, environmentally-friendly advancements of food production, particularly protein, while using few natural resources.

Farming to Fight Hunger works to tell the truth about modern American agriculture and the safe, affordable and sustainable food American farmers and ranchers produce while raising awareness of domestic and global hunger.

In 2014, the first Hollywood-produced, made-for-television film, "Ivy League Farmer" was released. From there, a second movie, "Where the Fast Lane Ends" was produced. Both of these movies are being shown on network TV. 

Farming to Fight Hunger has joined with the new hit reality TV show, "Chasing Down Madison Brown" airing on RFD-TV. "Chasing Down Madison Brown" offers yet another platform to educate the public about modern agriculture through its Christopher Knight hosted segment, "Pork Chops & Applesauce." 

These media hits promote the positive light of modern agriculture while providing heartfelt and delightful entertainment for the whole family.
"Chew on This"
"Chew on This"

Drive the Message's very first initiative paved the way to spreading the true, positive message of modern agriculture.

"Ivy League Farmer"
"Ivy League Farmer"

"Ivy League Farmer" is an iconic film that tells the story of a father and son and the saving of a farm.  

"Where The Fast Lane Ends"
"Where The Fast Lane Ends"

"Where the Fast Lane Ends" is an iconic film that tells the story of a family reconnecting through the family farm.

"Chasing Down Madison Brown"
"Chasing Down Madison Brown"

RFD-TV's newest hit reality show follows Madison Brown across the nation, sharing modern agriculture with audiences!



"Chasing Down Madison Brown" airs Fridays at 10 PM ET/ 9 PM CT/ 7 PM PT on RFD-TV. Missed Friday’s episode? Catch it on demand. RFD-TV airs in 60 million households with more than 50 percent of the viewership in urban and suburban households.

The mission of the Drive the Message initiative is to help create a positive perception of agriculture to the American public, through media, while raising awareness of domestic and global hunger. Drive the Message has been a part of two movies that have been shown to 60 million households this year on two cable networks. To Drive the Message, our voice has to be also ongoing. As you may know, the popularity of reality TV has exploded and we felt that there was no better place to drive the message than on what will be one of the hottest new reality TV shows.

Meet Madison Brown, a seasoned road warrior who grew up rolling down the highway with country band, Sawyer Brown and her father Mark Miller, founder and lead singer. Madison’s unique and adventurous upbringing meant life on a tour bus, where each new stop brought new adventures, influenced her passion for food, and developed her love for exploring new places.

Now airing Friday nights on RFD-TV, check out the newest reality show, "Chasing Down Madison Brown.” Follow Madison as she takes you coast-to-coast for an up-and-close look behind the scenes of farms, ranches and tourist destinations. See what it’s like to be a celebrity chef cooking at The Wynn Hotel or a major-league baseball player at the Chicago Cub spring training. Also hear from some well-known celebrities such as Toby Keith, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, the Bellamy Brothers, Karl Malone, Greg Maddux, Ben Zobrist and Sawyer Brown. 

A weekly feature in the “Chasing Down Madison Brown show is a segment called “Pork Chops and Applesauce” hosted by Christopher Knight. You may know Knight as Peter Brady from the "Brady Bunch" or in recent roles as Dr. Copper in "Ivy League Farmer" and Cooley Swindell in "Where the Fast Lane Ends."

Similar to his recent editorials in the Nutra Blend News, Knight takes his "Pork Chops and Applesauce" feature to the screen as an agricultural segment unveiling the truth of modern agriculture while bringing awareness of those in need, and how the technological advancements in agriculture are helping to feed the world.



Chasing Down Madison Brown

View clips from Chasing Down Madison Brown!

Clips from Porkchops & Applesauce

Check out the latest clip from Porkchops & Applesauce! Christopher Knight discusses GMOs in this intriguing episode.


"Where the Fast Lane Ends" follows Jack Morgan, a successful businessman, and his family in a heartwarming story about FFA, the strength of family and the incredible agriculture industry. Jack Morgan currently resides in Atlanta. His company has grown exponentially giving him the chance to take his corporation public. Everything is going right for the Morgan family.

But the fast-paced demands of being an accomplished CEO has Jack working, tearing him away from his wife Rachel and two children Sarah and Trey. With the separation comes many issues. Sara has announced she is now a vegan, engrossing herself in mainstream ideologies. Trey barely leaves his room, obsessed with video games. What had happened to his family and the values he had hoped to instill in them that he received from growing up on a farm and being president of his local FFA Chapter? 

In fact, Jack still had connection to his roots. He still owned the local feed mill in the small town he grew up in and his father warmly welcomed as “Big Jack” still takes care of the family cattle farm and are proudly supports the local FFA Chapter. When Jack receives a call from his hometown FFA Chapter asking him to speak at the upcoming County Fair, Jack seizes the opportunity to take his family to where he grew up and showing them what life is truly like where the fast lane ends.  

A renowned reporter Henson Hughes has asked to write a story on Jack and his company. Henson follows Jack and his family home to see how agriculture and FFA played a large role in his upbringing. But Jack quickly realizes that Henson’s true intentions isn’t to capture Jack’s history but to produce an article that sparks controversy. Henson thinks the agriculture industry and its practices are questionable and has set his sights on “exposing” Jack’s hometown farmers. But Jack won’t go down without a fight. In an effort to show Henson the reality of agriculture, Jack encourages him to research the facts, talk to the farmers and the local FFA Chapter to find out the truth regarding modern farming and what teens are learning about the industry. 

Despite his perceptions being challenged by the evidence around him, Henson ultimately has to write an article that “sells." Will Henson tell the truth about agriculture or will media bias win out in this battle of truths? Meanwhile, Sara and Trey are introduced to Cooper Swindell, the FFA chapter president. Cooper invites them to learn more about FFA, opening up a whole new world to the Morgan siblings. Trey takes interest in the farm and with the help of Big Jack and Cooper, discovers how the FFA is educating students on the technology that is making an impact in the agriculture industry. 

Sara is reluctant, convinced that FFA is just the type of organization that vegans should avoid. She soon learns that FFA and agriculture isn’t at all like the propaganda she has seen on social media. Could her image of agriculture and the organizations that surround it be distorted? Cooper may have just changed her mind as well as stolen her heart. "Where the Fast Lane Ends" is a story that encourages, teaches and challenges us to explore agriculture and what the amazing things this industry and the FFA accomplishes. Families across the nation will be moved by this story about family, the future farmers of America and the incredible agriculture industry. 



"Where the Fast Lane Ends"

View the trailer for "Where the Fast Lane Ends!"



In 2015, the Drive the Message initiative headed to Hollywood with the release of the film, "Ivy League Farmer."

"Ivy League Farmer" is an iconic film that tells the story of a father and son and the saving of a farm. The film shows society the truth about the agriculture industry and the importance of advancing agricultural technology. However, this is not a documentary, this is a Hollywood production movie that is entertaining for the whole family. 

This movie follows the heartfelt struggles of young, Harvard graduate, Joel Gilbert who returns home to his family dairy farm for a few weeks before heading to a new job on Wall Street. While there, Joel sees the struggles of his dad and is determined to convince his stubborn father, Anders, that the future of farming is here. 

But the family farm isn’t the only thing that Joel stumbles onto while home. His school crush, Holly, has planted her roots as a school teacher in town and Joel finds Holly is fighting battles of her own. Holly knows students in her school aren’t getting enough to eat at home. 

You will laugh. You will cry. You will be forever touched by this heartwarming story that will entertain your entire family. "Ivy League Farmer" portrays agriculture in a positive light, showing viewers how modern agriculture will feed a hungry world and that the heroes are the farmers. 



"Ivy League Farmer"

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The Drive the Message initiative began in 2012. A tractor trailer was converted into a mobile theater that traveled across the nation to universities, states fairs, conventions and communities to share one message - to tell the truth of modern agriculture. The Chew on This tour dispelled myths and misconceptions for thousands through our promotional media including two videos that put an end to common misunderstandings of modern agriculture, especially animal agriculture practices. 

Chew on This

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Chew On This

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