Drive: No Boundaries is a movement started in 2016 by Nutra Blend along with its customers and suppliers in the feed industry. This movement is dedicated to fighting child hunger in third world countries, starting with Haiti. Child hunger knows no borders, and is a widespread issue across the world. Those of us in the agriculture industry realize this issue and will work to help end childhood hunger in Haiti. Regardless of where a child is born, every life matters.

Drive: No Boundaries

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Today in Haiti, 1 in 14 Children Will Die Before Reaching the Age of 5. 

Haiti is a third world country. It is plagued by poverty, poor infrastructure and an even worse economy, making it the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. 3 out of 4 Haitians live on less than US $2 per day. In Haiti, they spend 57 percent of their meager income just trying to obtain enough food to survive. Those who feel the effects of this crisis the most are children. One in 10 children in Haiti are acutely malnourished and one in five are underweight and/or stunted. These children are at the mercy of their environment, suffering circumstances beyond their and their parent’s control.

An Industry that Feeds the World

At the core of the agriculture industry, it’s goal is to feed people. Nutra Blend and feed industry conglomerates make quality products that are fed to the animals which ultimately turns into food. Because of what we do, the protein we eat is safe, healthy, efficient and sustainable. 

But we live in an era where we need to do more to feed the world. Nine million people will die this year because of starvation and malnutrition; seven million of those will be children. In Haiti, one in 14 children die before their fifth birthday from starvation and malnutrition. 

We as an industry, can take steps to fight this problem together. We must continue our efforts in advancing technology to fix this problem but also give directly to help starving kids in Haiti.


We’ve found an organization that is nothing short of heroic. Meds & Food for Kids is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Patricia Wolff whose goal is to end child starvation and malnutrition in Haiti. 

Dr. Wolff is a pediatrician who went on a medical mission trip to Haiti over 20 years ago. After that life changing journey, and several trips thereafter, Dr. Wolff realized she could help treat the sick children but in order for her to have a meaningful impact, the core of the problem, malnutrition, needed to be fixed. She became astute in nutrition and started working to solve Haiti’s childhood hunger problem.

Dr. Wolff and a team of dedicated volunteers developed a peanut-based product that is literally saving thousands of lives. MFK has built a plant in Haiti, providing good jobs for Haitians. They have taught hundreds of farmers how to grow peanuts on their land and they buy the peanuts from the Haitian farmers, providing income for those farmer families. 

Meds & Food for Kids and a team of volunteers developed a ready-to-use therapeutic food for malnourished children called Medika Mamba. This peanut based product has literally saved thousands of lives. The miraculous supplement is a combination of ground-up peanuts with sugar, oil, milk powder and a vitamin/mineral blend. In its clinic MFK distributes this life-saving, shelf-stable food to starving children. Their story is nothing short of phenomenal. 

Meds & Food for Kids

View the incredible work of this nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of thousands of Haitian children from starvation.




$1.45 Million raised in one night! 21,000 Haitian children saved from starvation!

In 2016, on a spring evening in St. Maarten, one such event took place that for many who attended, will be a memory that lasts a lifetime. An evening when a room full of generous, kind-hearted agriculture professionals not only changed the lives of thousands of children but also saved them.

The third leg of Nutra Blend’s Drive to Feed initiative was introduced at the 12th Annual Nutra Blend Customer Rewards Trip and is called Drive: No Boundaries. Drive: No Boundaries is a program where the effort to feed hungry kids is extended beyond U.S. borders. While Nutra Blend's domestic program, Drive to Feed Kids, remains a top priority and major focus, it was felt that since this industry feeds the world, this industry should look to help hungry kids wherever they may be. The program decided to focus on one country, a country that is more impoverished and with more childhood starvation than any other in the western hemisphere; Haiti.

In Haiti, 1 in 14 children die before the age of 5 due to malnutrition. However, it was found that through the efforts of an organization called Meds & Food for Kids, a mere $69 would save the life of a Haitian child. So, a goal was set. It was a very big goal but one worth striving for if you consider the result of reaching it. Drive: No Boundaries wanted to save 10,000 children. In comparison to the Drive to Feed Kids program where the movement continues to have multiple fundraisers across the U.S., it was decided that Drive: No Boundaries 2016 would be solely funded by the money raised in St. Maarten and in particular, one big auction. The auction consisted of over 30 live auction items and more than 70 silent auction items and comprised of fantastic trips, firearms, jewelry, concert tickets, feed ingredients generously donated by our vendors and much more.  

The auction was truly an “experience.” More like a rock concert than an auction, there was an energy that is hard to describe without experiencing it firsthand. While the items were indeed great prizes to win, it soon became apparent that the bidding was not just to claim a sought-after auction item, but was more centered on the amount of lives that each bid could save. For example, the first live auction item was a dozen roses that went for $3,000 which alone saved the lives of 43 children. This same spirit not only continued throughout the night but seemed to grow and take a life of its own. The last item for bid was a supply of the life-giving Medika Mamba, Meds & Food for Kids nutritional product used for starving children, enough to save one life. The auctioneer asked the crowd, how many of these life-giving meal programs would someone be willing to buy.

Astonishingly, the final number was 1,000 which equates to 1,000 lives saved on that item alone. Also purchased that night and throughout the week were “I Saved a Life” buttons for $69 each, enough to save the life of one child. When all the button sales were totaled and all the auction items were sold, we tallied the overall number and it was in a word, numbing. The total amount of money raised in that short time frame was $1.45 million. That is enough money to save the lives of over 21,000 children!

Take a minute to stop and think about that number, 21,000 children. Sometimes numbers are impersonal but each of these 21,000 children now have hope and their parents who may have been praying for a miracle, can feel the joy of knowing that somewhere, someone cares.

Most of those who attended where profoundly humbled at the generosity and compassion shown that night. Drive: No Boundaries shares these numbers to simply state the magnitude in which the industry reaches out to help those in need. It can be seen through the more than 20 million meals (and growing) provided to hungry kids in customer's hometowns through the Drive to Feed Kids program. And it was most certainly seen on one very special night, when a group of people in the agricultural industry, came together with one voice and said, “If there are children starving, regardless of where they live, we will help them.”